Vintage desk makeover

Today I wanted to share a desk makeover I did on a desk that sat in my grand parents home as long as I can remember. 

My grandmother gave my grandfather this desk on their first weeding anniversary. I remember it being in their home my entire childhood. After I got married they gave it to me (along with a LOT of other furniture).

I love the desk. In fact, it's the desk where I started this blog along with my business. However, that color is just um.... ugly. Really, it looks far better in that photograph. Also you ca see where the paint had come off in areas. 

paint chipping off desk

So I decided to give the desk a little makeover. 

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Since I have NO decorating genes I hit up Instagram to ask you all what I should do. And you gave me great suggestions. 

I made a video detailing what I did. Be sure to check it out. 

Here are some more photos: 

This project did take longer than I expected, but it wasn't very expensive. 

The paint remover cost about $6. 

The drawers pulls were $12 total. 

The paint was $9

The stain was $9

However, the stain and the paint will be used for other projects and and I didn't use much of it. So in total it probably cost around $20. 

What about you? Have you brought new life to a family relic?