Staying motivated when paying off debt

Let's face it. It can be really hard to stay motivated while paying off debt. You're working hard, you're trucking away and there are times when it feels like the balance will never reach zero.

But hold fast. You can do this and I am going to share with you a few ways to stay motivated. 

1. Tell fear to stop lying to you. Fear is that voice that tells you "it will always be this way" or "your life will never change" or "just accept that you are a failure." 

Fear lies to your face every morning when you brush your teeth. You have to tell it to shut up.

Remind yourself of the progress you have already made. Remind yourself that there is a hopeful future and tell fear to leave you alone. 

2. Stop the excuses before they start. I am the QUEEN of making excuses. I can give you a reason for not doing something without even having to think too hard. 

It is an ugly quality. Trust me. 

But last week I was listening to The His and Her Money Show the episode was about a woman who paid off $160,000 by herself. A single mom who paid off over $100,000.

Seriously? So what excuses do I have to save money this week?

3. Start small. There is a reason the "baby steps" are so successful. People feel a sense of success when they pay off that first smaller debt. 

Set a small goal you can reach quickly. For example, decide you're going to find an extra $10 a week to throw at a debt or put into savings. Put that money in a jar where you can see it and you will feel extra motivated. 

Which brings me to...

4. Make a visual. Create a place in your home where you can see the progress of your debts, like a tally board. 


Make a vision board of what you want your life to be like after you pay off your debt. Put on there your goals and dreams. Be it a new house, a trip to Hawaii, a baby, going to college, building a water well in Africa. Whatever your motivation is put it where you can see it and look at it daily. 

What about you? What are some ways you stay motivated? 

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