Top Five Money Saving Posts

Over the past few months I have written A LOT about saving money. Is it crazy to say that it's a passion? But really, helping others feel hopeful about their futures is a passion. 

Particularly moms. I've been a mom in debt and I am have been a mom out of debt. Which one feels better do you think? 

Today I am going to share the top five MOST read money saving posts. 




If I had to describe what it felt like to live with a pile of debt it would be this: like constantly wearing a backpack full of bricks. 

Could you breath with that on your back? Move freely? Rest peacefully? No. You couldn't. 

I know that it isn't polite to talk about money. But I am going to do that today, because I feel like telling our story will encourage some of you. 


I like to say that paying off our debt wasn't about what we did but what we didn't do. I thought I would share a few things we didn't do. 

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I think at some point we have ALL reached a point when there is more month than money.  

We may have entered the month with the best of intentions, but we just didn't stick to our budget. That could be for a number of reasons

But for a lot of people it comes down to three things, emergencies, lifestyle and guilt. Of course there are endless things that can wreck a budget if you let them, but it seems that these things that cause our money to fly out the window the fastest. 


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We all know that sticking to a grocery budget is paramount... but what about when your famliy suffers from food allergies? 

Each week on my YouTube channel I answer a budget-related question from a subscriber. 

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One day I woke up and decided to stop living paycheck to paycheck. I remember the day clearly. We had more month than money, our checking account was in the red and we had about $136 in our savings account. That's a bad day. 

It is days like that you feel you won't overcome, that you will always be in debt, that you will always feel the noose of credit cards and bad decisions and self-doubt.

But you won't. I am speaking directly to you, sister. YOU WON'T. You can break the cycle, you can get off the crazy train, you can own your life, get out of debt and stop living pay check to pay check. 

Okay, so how does one break the crazy cycle? These are the things that worked for our family while we were working to become debt free

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