Homemade Non-Toxic "Pin-sol"

Jason loves the smell of Pin-Sol. I mean, who doesn't? And my mother has told me that all good southern homes smell of Pin-Sol. 

There is something just inherently "clean" about the smell. But here is the thing, a few months back I poured some Pin-Sol in the toilet and it took my breath away. And not in a good way. 

I am not a "natural" or "green" purist. But I have really cut back on the commercial cleaning products I bring into my house. I am really sensitive to smells and as a child I struggled with asthma. And I believe that what is in our environment does have a big impact on our lung health. 

So today I am going to show you how I make my own "Pin-Sol." I use this mostly to clean toilets, but really you could use this for anything. 

You will need: 

Equal parts water and vinegar 

About 20 drops tea tree oil per cup of solution - The tea tree oil is what gives it that pin sol smell. 

5-6 drops orange oil (optional)

Spray or squirt bottle *

Combine your water and vinegar into a bottle or container and mix. Add in your oils and mix again. 
That's it you're done!

*I used an old dish soap bottle, but it is not recommended to use plastic with oils because of potential leaching. However, since I was using my solution in my toilet, I just used a plastic container. 

What homemade cleaning products do you use? 

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