This year I choose "Less"

I heard about this practice a few years ago. Instead of making New Year's Resolutions, you instead choose one word and let that be your focus for the year. 

Last year, without even knowing it, I chose simple. Or rather, it chose me. 2014 really was the year of simplicity in our house. Even though we went through a lot of really big changes we chose to keep things simple. Simple birhtday parties, simple meals... you get the picture. 

This year when I decided to do the whole one word thing, I really had to put a lot of thought into what I want for myself, my home, my business and my family. 

And that word is less. I know that sounds crazy. I want less for my family? 

Well... I want less stress and more time. I want less anxiety and more peace. I want less sickness and more health. 

And when I choose to take on less, to focus on less and to absorb less then I choose all of the good things I want. 

So here are the things I will be focusing less on. 


Yesterday we didn't pull our garbage bin to the road. It was New Year's Day and I figured the trash wouldn't run. It did. It was the second week in a row we missed trash day. And guess what? Our bin isn't full. We have really made great strides in our house to have less garbarge. 

But we are still consuming more goods and services than we should. So we are saying yes to less consumerism and in turn saying yes to more giving. 


I will be taking on no new clients this year, and instead focusing on the really great client base I already have. 

This will free up more time for family and helping other women launch their home-based businesses. 


I will be spending less time in front of a screen, implementing the Screen Sabbath and enjoying regular no screen intervals throughout my day. 

This will help me focus more on my kids throughout the day with fewer distractions. And I think it will be overall beneficial to my children. 


We will be spending less time inside and more time outside enjoying our new yard. 

Sugar and processed foods:

I am not making a resolution to diet this year. That doesn't work. I am instead focusing on eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods grown locally. 

We are already prepping for our garden in a pretty serious manner. 


Truly, I was set free from the opinions of others years ago. But I have found myself falling back into the old habit of caring about other's expectations. I will no longer be focusing on those things. 


I have let fear really hold me back and while this is an area where I have improved, I still have a long way to go. I took some risks in 2014 that paid off. It has made me question how many other times I let fear destroy my goals and dreams. 

So... What is your one word for the year? Join the conversation below!