We moved! Welcome to Frugal, Debt-Free Life!

We moved! I woke up this morning to a new website and it feels amazing. I started kicking around the idea of changing my blog name last year and I finally worked up the nerve and worked out all the details to just do it!! 

So now Five4Five Meals is Frugal, Debt-Free Life. 

I feel like the new name and site is a better representation of my overall message "Living a Limitless Life on a Limited Budget." 

With Five4Five Meals I felt stuck with just creating food posts, I felt limited in my reach and really, I feel like the name confused people. 

As getting out of debt and living on a budget became more important to my family the message of that blog shifted. And while food will still play a HUGE part in the new blog, I think I will feel less pressure to create food posts and less guilt when I go a week without posting a recipe. 

All of the links from the old site still work. So if you pinned a recipe you can still click on that pin and get to the correct link. 

SO welcome. Stick around. Make comments. Engage and be a part of this community!