Four Ways to Save on Kids Toys This Holiday Season

Today I am guest blogging on "Blisfful and Domestic" you can head over there and read my thoughts on kid's gifts... here is an exceprt. 

I am not going to lie to you. I am not a naturally frugal girl. Oh no. I was thrust into frugality when my husband and I decided three years ago it was time to get out of debt.
We cut back on everything, including what we spent on gifts. This was a little difficult for me at first because I love gift giving. I especially love giving gifts to my nieces and nephew and of course, my own children.
But gifts for kids can really eat into your Christmas budget. And the frustrating thing is that often kids play with something a few times and then it get forgotten in a closet or under the bed.
So here are a few tips to minimize the costs of children’s gifts, while still maximizing on the season.

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