Food Gift Ideas and Free printable tags


So Christmas is coming on us fast. FAST! 

My good friend and former coworker, Sarah Tebo, used to make everyone in the office these sweet baked goodie bags. 

Sarah is incredibly thoughtful and kind and the Christmas treats were always looked forward to. See, it was the kindness that Sarah put into a gift that she didn't have to give that made her a special friend. 

I believe that a thoughtful gift matters. Even if you're living on a tight budget and you find yourself holiday gift giving on a tight budget, you can still give a thoughtful gift... food! Everyone loves a savory or sweet treat and there is nothing lingering around in March, taking up space on the coffee table or shoved into the back of the closet. 

I thought I would remind you of some the simple baking recipes I have posted on this blog and give you a FREE printable tag to go with it! Click here to download. (Note, the pdf file is NOT covered in watermarks.) 

Simple baking ideas:

Triple chocolate pudding cookies

Cake mix candy jar cookies

Peanut butter and chocolate muffins

Filled Pumpkin muffins 

Orange marmalade muffins 

Strawberry lemonade muffins

Guilt-free strawberry yogurt muffins

Summer squash bread

What's on your baking list this season?