Perspective: It's all pretty much black and white


Has everyone had a good week? This week's prespective was a lot of fun because I love black and white photos and I like looking at other people's pics because I am a little bit of a stalker. ;)

1. Mister Mister Wanted that camera strap.

2. My Gdaddy (along with many others) was awarded the Alabama Legislature Medal of Honor.

3. One day he is going to say, "too many kisses."

I am also hosting a link up this week. Go here to participate. Brag about yourself.

Five4FiveMeals Friday Five Link Up Party

Perspective: Summer

I am so excited to participate in the Lena B. Photography link up. I am trying to take more photos, especially as the little boy gets involved in more things and we plan our first family vacation.




This week's theme is Summer.


1. Mr. Busy Britches napping after swim class in his surf shop shirt. A friend handed that shirt down and I love it.

2. Beardface UnStoppable showing off a turtle he found in the backyard while attempting to cut the grass.

3. Pink lemonade in the tumbler I made, along with a few good books. Ahh... summer.