A garden of repurpose


Three facts about me:

1. Every year I try to start a vegetable garden. Every year I kill a bunch of vegetables. But this year I am trying once again. I am nothing if not consistent (or stubborn). Isn't that the definition of insanity?

2. I love yogurt.

3. I struggle with guilt.

So how are these all related? You see, when I eat yogurt I am left with a carton made of number 5 or 6 plastic that can't be recycled locally. It goes in the trash and stays there. Guilt!

This year I decided if I am going to kill some plants maybe I could ease my guilt and use some things that would have gone straight to the trash. Yes, eventually they will end up in a landfill, unless someone can tell me a better option, but  at least they had a new life first.

Isn't that the point of recycling? Reusing something and giving it a new life? Now there is a trendy word for it - repurposing.

So this is my repurpose driven garden. Everything from yogurt cups to old bottles (that will be recycled) to egg cartons have become containers to start my seeds. And everything is resting nicely inside old diaper boxes. Diaper boxes that will be covered in fabric in an idea made by the brilliant Amy Bell

So here we have everything from tomatoes to beans, to peppers to herbs and beyond. This year I will keep these plants alive. (Until I don't. Then I won't feel guilty.)