Christmas Traditions, they're ever changing.

Ryals and the nativity 2013.jpg

Christmas this year will be extra, extra special because this year we have two sweet babies to celebrate Christmas with us. 


I very vividly and fondly remember celebrating Christmas with Ry, who had just turned one and was celebrating his second Christmas. 

He certainly didn't understand what was happening, but even at one he knew it was a special time. And I set about making traditions and memories, which I talked about here

But this... this year we have two wonderful boys. 

Boys in their red xmas pj 2013.png

This year I made a GIANT to do list of all the things I wanted to do with my boys. And while we did many of them, like driving to see lights, going to a Christmas village and making a Snowman bank, there are a lot of things that just won't happen. 

2013 two front teeh bib.JPG

Weather and naps and fussy babies might prevent us from crossing some of those things off our list. 

It doesn't mean I am sad, and it doesn't mean I am going to stop making lists, it just means that we have to adapt. 

baby jesus handprints 2013.JPG

And man we've done some really fun things like making Jesus hand print ornaments. 

baby jesus hand prints 2 2013.JPG

Ry sure does love to paint. 

Issie on Santas and ryals lap at cfa 2013.JPG

And while Ry wasn't overly impressed with Santa, Issie thought he was great. (Men with beards, we love them.)

2013 snowman pizza.JPG

We made and ate this snowman pizza. It was delicious! (You put three small crusts together and bake it with your favorite toppings as the face and buttons.)

Ryby at honeybee park 12 2013.JPG

We ran through not one, but two Santa villages like it was our job!

Issie and Jason at Christmas village 2013.JPG

Even Issie loved those lights at the Santa village. 

The wreath ryals made at nursry school in december 2013.JPG

I've displayed every nursery school project Ry has brought home. I have hung them PROUDLY on our sad little toddler-friendly tree. 

Ryals and the nativity 2013.jpg

We've read the Christmas story in Luke and pretty much every toddler-friendly nativity book out there. We've visited several nativities, played with the ones we have at home and talked about the birth of Christ and how He is the reason we celebrate. 

2013 Jesus Birthday Cake.JPG

We even made Jesus a birthday cake. 

Issie on Santas lap at cfa 2013.JPG

So, we may not cross it all off, but we've soaked it all in and we've had a great time in the process. 

What are you doing to celebrate the season?