Happy New Year- a look back at our 2012

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Happy New Year! Did you have a wonderful celebration of 2012? I hope so and I hope that this year brings you joy and peace and love and good health. 

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It's been a busy, busy, busy 2012 at the House of Senn and it's only going to get busier with some great new things happening on this blog, in my business and of course with the arrival of our new baby in May. 

But here is a look back at our 2012. 


We started 2012 with a move. We moved from Northwest Georgia to South Alabama when our sweet son was just six weeks old. Talk about stressful. But my husband was offered a great job with great benifits and the move allowed me to stay home with our baby. 


First Valentine's Day. That was supposed to be a heart sewn onto the onesie. Clearly it didn't turn out well. 


St. Patty's Day. Our boy was spoiled with lots of St. Patrick's Day gear from Jason's family. We went to a BBQ festival. We all took a nap when it was over. 

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Easter was a big hit!


We tried solids for the first time. Some things  (pears) were not a hit. 

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We had a low-key summer. 


Tried to stay cool in July. 


We took swimming lessons. 


We discovered there is a whole world of things to get into. 


We celebrated Halloween. (His first.)

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Had a great first birthday.


And he had a GREAT second Christmas. 

2013 is going to be wonderful! Happy New Year.