Peel your own tomatoes! Way better than a can.

Is there anything more gross than a winter tomato? Well, sure, but let's not get in to all that.

We have been trying to eat fewer things from a tin can, and more things grown closer to home. I hope to grow and can my own produce soon, but until then I have fallen in love with my farmers market. The only problem is... tomaotes. No matter how great your local veggie stand is, winter tomatoes are awful.

However, Roma tomatoes remain their wonderful, glorious self.

Here is a quick Tuesday tip on how to peel tomaotes for making sauce (recipe to follow later this week).

What you'll need:


Boiling water

Ice water

Set some water to boil. After it has come to a rolling boil, drop in your tomatoes (CAREFUL!). Let them boil about a minute until the skin begins to split like so:


Then place them immediatly in the ice water for another minute. Remove from icewater and peal. The skin will slide right off and you will have a beautiful tomato.