Us, childless, circa fall 2008This weekend we celebrated my nephew and niece's birthdays. My nephew turned five and my niece turned four.

It got me thinking about all the things that have changed since 2008.

In Oct. 2008 I was working as a nanny. The newspaper I had been working for folded and I was left without a job. I quickly found one working for a family with small children.

I'm not gonna lie. I hated it. The boy I was keeping was wild. And I mean wild! He was a cute as cute could be, but man... wild. That's the only word I can think of.

My husband had taken a HUGE pay cut and we were scraping by.


We were living just outside of Atlanta in a home we had purchased two years earlier. (It snowed in January 2009.)

It doesn't seem like four years since we were living in that house with what felt like a big set of worries.

A lot has happened in four years. I never would have thought that in 2012 I would be living back near my hometown, with a baby. I didn't think I would be a work at home mom. I wouldn't have guessed that I would have all these blessings.


This past December when my husband was offered his new job I was talking to my sister about how I couldn't believe we were getting everything we wanted. My husband would get a better job with better benefits (and I'm not gonna lie, more money) and I was going to get to stay home.

"God honors contentment," my sister said. And she's right. He does.

Ry and Daddy at pier.jpg

But when you have these two guys it's hard not to be content.