5- Minute Shadow Box and four more shadow boxes to inspire you

Shadow box cover.jpg

cHowever, with a new baby boy coming I have felt the need to do some creative things for his nursery and circle back to do some things for my sweet big baby's current room. 

So I am bringing you "Crafting in 15 For the Non-Crafty." It's short little crafting ideas that you can do even if you're crafting challanged. 


Last week I pulled together this shadow box in about five minutes. 


I bought two shadow boxes for $7 each at TJ Maxx. 


I grabbed my sweet boy's hospital bracelet, his little hat and this beautiful photo taken by Frame Photography

I arranged them in place. Pinned them and called it a day. It's so sweet and so simple. 

If you want some inpseration for some really beautiful shadow boxes look no further.

Annelie's Shadow Box.jpg