Exciting news and how to announce it

belly shots.jpg

We are very, very, very excited that in May we will be having another baby. We will be a multitude of Senns!

I am pretty traditional, I waited until the first trimester was over to tell everyone, although close friends and family members knew already.

I wanted a creative way to let people know on Facebook, Twitter and through email.

I have lots of friends who have taken cute pictures of their older children wearing a tshirt announcing they will be a big brother or sister. This is cute. Really cute. But like I said, lots of people have done this.

At the supper table last night I came up with this idea. A family belly shot.

Jason and I took turns snapping each other's bellies and then I turned to my favorite free photo editing site, PicMonkey!

Here is how to quickly put together your own unique announcement for free using PicMonkey.

announce step 1.jpg

Step one, choose the make a collage option.

announce step 2.jpg

Step 2, click on this little guy to choose what king of collage style you want.

announce step 3.jpg

Step 3, I chose the Facebook cover. This also pops into an email really well and prints out like a cute little greeting card.

announce step 4.jpg

Step 4, resize your frames.

announcement 5.jpg

Step 5, upload your photos.

announcement 6.jpg

Step 6, place your photos.

Step 7, save your collage and go back to the main PicMonkey screen and choose the "Edit a photo" option.

announcement last step.jpg

Step 8, Click on the font icon, it looks like a "P." Then choose your font and what you want to say. Then save and send, upload or Tweet.

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