Clean scratches on hardwood floors using... Mayonnaise

We have gorgeous hardwood floors in the home where we currently live. And the owner of the home has gone to great lengths to keep them looking good for the past 60 years!

But, we are humans who have furniture, and lives and a baby. The floors gets scratched. 

But I found a simple way to clean these scratches and scuffs using a surprising ingredient. Mayonnaise! Click the video below for more. 

scuffed hardwood.jpg

This is a simple two-step process. 

You will need an oil based cleaner like castile soap or Murphy's Oil soap. 

Clean the affected area with the oil soap using a soft cloth, like an old t-shirt. 

Then spread a little mayonnaise on the floor. This part actually made me gag. I really dislike mayonnaise. 

Leave the mayonnaise for 5-10 minutes. 

Then wipe up and see the magic. The oil in the mayonnaise takes on the color of the floor. You will need to wipe up excess mess and oil with a cleaner so you don't slip later. 


Do you have an unusual way to clean something?