See our combo coop for quail and chicken

our combo coop.jpg

A few months back my husband had a brilliant idea. 

"Let's get quail," he said. 

"Sure," I said and we happily clapper our hands in giddiness. 

But the thing about plans in the House of Senn, they quickly spiral out of control and become something much, much larger. So instead of bringing home a few quail, we decided to throw in a few chickens too. 

We wanted to get backyard birds for several reasons. 

1. We want fresh eggs from healthy birds. 

2. We want meat from healthy birds. 

3. We want our children to experience agriculture. 

4. We don't want to rely on others for all of our food sources. 

jason cutting wood for the quail.JPG

Jason built our combo coop (as we call it) with his own two hands. For much of the project he sawed the wood by hand. Then he realized that was for the birds (pun intended!) and purchased a skill saw. 

Putting the roof on the quail.JPG

He designed the entire thing from the ground up based on a few that he saw in the parking lot of our local hardware store. 

finishing touches to quail coop.JPG

Needless to say I am pretty proud of Jason and the way it turned out. 

See how Jason did it ALL in the video: 

Next week I will talk about the birds and how we care for them.