Spring Gardening with The Home Depot

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Spring Project 2013.jpg

It’s a beautiful sunny day in South Alabama. The grass looks lush and the high is in the 70’s. It’s the perfect day to get outside and dig around in the dirt. Let’s #DigIn.

After planning our trip to the Home Depot and going to pick up all of our plants Jason and I were eager to get them in the ground.


Last year my sweet husband was kind enough to build me a raised bed garden out of some recycled wood. After moving the box to a better spot, we were ready to go.

DSC00006 9.26.54 AM.JPG

First Jason laid down some newspaper to prevent weed growth since we are not using weed killer on our vegetables.

Planting 2.JPG

Then he covered the newspaper with soil and then some topsoil. We are using Vigiro organic soil. It's made for in-ground vegetables and herbs. He blended everything together very well.


Next we pulled the wrapper off of our Bonnie plants and placed them in the ground. Bonnie Plants are in a completely biodegradable pot made by the Jiffy Company. You just peal off the label and stick that plant in the soil. How easy is that?


Look at our garden! (Ignore the hugely pregnant farm girl, please.) We have a couple rows of tomatoes, some squash, some cucumbers and various peppers. The tomatoes will be perfect for sauces and tomato sandwiches, I LOVE tomato sandwiches!

The squash will be great for making my own baby food when baby 2 is old enough. We planted our herbs in containers on our back patio so that I can keep a better eye on them. I love having them there. I can smell the basil and rosemary every time I walk by.

Once our plants were in the ground and our basil, oregano and rosemary were in their pots, we watered everything to a fare thee well.

We will be watering them twice a day for optimal growth and moisture. Last week we had some really great rain, which meant our rain barrel was full when it came time to water our plants Sunday.


I just had to throw in this picture of our sweet baby chilling in his wagon!

If you want to follow along with more great projects check out the Garden Club Pinterest Board

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.