Our Christmas to do list 2013 (FREE PRINTABLE!)

I have never in my life been more excited over a Christmas than I am this year. (At least that I can recall.) It's because I have a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. That just spells FUN CHRISTMAS! 

I just wanted to dive headfirst into Christmas and stay there til sometime in February. But, I know if I don't make a list of things I want to do I will look back and be a little sad. So, I made a Family Fun Christmas To Do list. 

It's much like our Fall Family Fun list. Which we accomplished. (More on that later this week.)

Our list is pretty simple and you can print it for free here. 

You might notice that Santa is absent. Santa will be visiting Ry and Issie and leaving presents in their stockings. But I wanted to emphasize the reason we celebrate Christmas- Jesus. 

This is a time of worship, a time to celebrate what Jesus has done in our lives and a time to share those blessings with others. 

We will still watch Rudolph and go to parades, drink cocoa and do all those things that make this year a little magical. And we might even get our photo made with Santa. 

What are you doing to celebrate the season?