Super banana, berry (avocado) smoothie

Okay, okay, okay, I know that sounds gross. But I promise it isn't.

A couple weeks ago I made a butternut squash soup that was, well, soupy. So instead of adding milk I added avocado. You couldn't even taste it. So I have been thinking about this. I love avocados. They are loaded in health benefits. What if I added them to more things?

I have been making smoothies because, well who doesn't love a smoothie? And they are quick and I can drink them with one hand while I type, feed a baby or clean the kitchen. (Ha, like my kitchen is ever clean.)

Last week I made this Super banana, berry, avocado smoothie with milk and raw honey. It's loaded with calcium, potassium, vitamins C,K, and B6.

What you'll need:

One small banana

about 6 frozen strawberries

one avocado

a cup of milk and a little honey to sweeten.

Throw it all in the blender and blend, blend, blend. This makes two. Take a sip. You're welcome. ;)