Easy Slow Cooker Chicken in Three Simple Steps

Easy slow cooker chicken.jpg

There is something just so grand about throwing something in the crock pot, coming back later and it being done!

I love to cook a whole chicken in there. It's so easy and tasty. And ECONOMICAL! 

I wanted to break it down to for you in THREE simple steps that will MAXIMIZE flavor, juice and tenderness. 

What you'll need:

A whole chicken, with any giblets and neck removed

Your favorite seasonings, for this I used kosher salt, pepper, paprika and celery seed

One medium apple, chopped

one onion, chopped

Easy crock pot roast hen 1.JPG

Step 1: Line the bottom of your slow cooker with your apples and onions. 

Easy crock pot roast hen 2.JPG

Step 2: Shove some apples and onion pieces into your bird. 

Easy crock pot roast hen 3.JPG

Step 3: Place your bird in the slow cooker and rub down with your spice mix. 

Set your slow cooker to low for six hours. 

Done! That's it. You're done. 

Easy crock pot roast hen 4.JPG

Come back later to a beautiful roast chicken. 

What slow cooker treats have you made lately? 

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