Organizing my gift wrapping supplies… for free

Organizing gift wrap supplies.jpg

So a few weeks ago when I was decluttering I decided to take on my gift wrapping drawer. 

I keep all of our supplies such as tape, paper, bags and tissue in a drawer under the television. And that drawer got a little out of hand. 

Trash I threw out when organizing my wrapping supplies.JPG

That is all the junk I threw out. Yeah, I know. 

The drawer desperately needed to be handled and I was a little unsure how to organize it. I really dislike the idea of going to the store, even the Dollar Tree, and buying things to organize with. 

So I just walked around my house looking for items I could use. 

What I used to organize my stationary .jpg

I found a small plastic bin in the playroom and used it to organize cards, envelopes, address labels and stationary.

Then I found the basket that a house plant came in and used it to organize ribbons, bows and gift tags. 

The drawer has stayed pretty well in tact. As you can see I also use it to hold shipping tools for when I sell things I no longer want on Amazon and eBay or ship books through PaperBackSwap.

It took me all of five minutes to organize and it felt so good tackling something like this. Especially since organization does NOT come naturally to me. 

Have you organized lately?