Nursery Reveal: Our Little Farmer's Room

Our new little boy will be here any day now. I can't wait to meet him, hold him and kiss his little face. But until then we have busied ourselves with preparation.

Little "I's" room is a farm and truck theme (although right now it's more farm than truck) and I would say it's about 90 percent complete. I just need a rug. But I thought I would give you a brief tour.

Here is a before and after shot. Before it was sort of a catch all for our junk.


We moved in a dresser that used to be at my Grandmother's house. This will be I's dresser as he gets older and for now it makes a really good changing table. (I honestly don't see the point in buying a changing table. Why have a piece of furniture that takes up space like that with limited function?)

This old house has walls made of stucco, so it is really hard to dress them up. They are bland and ugly. But I did make photo display "stick" on the wall (You can barely see it sticking out at the top of the photo). Here is a how to.

This is our quiet, soothing corner. The rocking chair belonged to Jason's grandmother and the side table belonged to my great aunt. You can click here to see how I recovered the chair.

The opposite wall of the rocking chair is the crib. It's pretty boring looking right now with no bumper pad and nothing hanging above it. But I am stickler for the rules when it comes to infant safety. Even the blanket will be removed. It's just for decoration.

The crib is made by Delta, it's the 3-in-1 Cherry bed, and I am thrilled with the way it looks. (This is an affiliate link, please read my disclosure policy.)


We got these basic room darkening curtains at the Home Depot. They are made by Martha Stewart. However, I think they use the word "darkening" pretty loosely.

The fabric drape was leftover from the rocking chair renovation project and was purchased at a locally owned fabric store.

Here are some friends waiting for Little I to get here. 

There are two closets in I's room. One contains clothes for both boys (sizes newborn through 3T). The other contains lots and lots and lots of diapers. I have been purchasing diapers on sale since I found out I was pregnant. We're good for a while. And when he gets a little bigger I plan to cloth diaper the new baby.

So it seems we're pretty ready for this baby to get here!

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