A little post baby survival guide

Warning: This is about to get real. Really real. Like nipple cream real. 

So I have about five more weeks before our second baby boy makes his appearance. I am excited to see our family grow. 

But I am also a little freaked out because... well... I remember that having a baby hurts. But it's called labor for a reason. Right?

So in my preparation I decided I would make a list of what I consider necessities for getting through those days and weeks after the big push. 

1. Lanolin. If you're planning on nursing you are going to need some lanolin. Trust me. You will need this. It makes life a little more bearable and later it can double as diaper rash cream. You can also use Bella B nipple butter. It's vegan if you're worried about using an animal-based product. 

2. Perri Bottle. Um... there is going to come a time when you will need to use the facilities and toilet paper us just the enemy. Use a perri bottle. They will give you one at the hospital. But it you lose it you will want a back up. 

3. Tucks Pads. Sometimes when pushing there are Hemorrhoids. You will want some Tucks Pads. You can keep them in the fridge. Go ahead and get yourself some cream too. 

4. Soothies. These gel pads are a lifesaver when you're first nursing. You through them in the freezer and then stick them on when you need them. Get some. Trust me. 

5. Nursing Cover. There will come a time when you just don't care anymore. But until then invest in a nursing cover. 

6. Cooling Spray. They will probably hook you up with some cooling spray at the hospital. Use it. It helps I promise. 

7. Sitz Bath. They should give you one at the hospital. If not, ask. But this is vital after baby's arrival. I recommend using it 15 minutes twice a day. 

7. Nursing Tank. This great tank can be worn 24 hours a day. I wore them in the hosptial and long after that. Get a couple. 

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