Tools I love for toddler feeding

Feeding a baby can be a challenge as they get older. That sense of independence kicks in and I know for my son, he wants to do it all himself. It gets to be a battle. 

So I wanted to share with you a few things I've found to make toddler feeding a little easier. 

A sippy cup with a straw. These Toss and Go cups with straws have been a lifesaver. 

Clearly my sweet boy loves a straw. Here he is swiping my drink. So I got him his own cup and he drinks way more water out of it than a traditional sippy cup.

But when I need sweet boy to take a traditional sippy cup I really like these cups from USA Kids. They are made right her in Alabama. They are BPA free and they absolutely do not leak. But they are hard to find. 

These Munchkin spoons are great because the spoon part is deep enough to hold onto food that might get flung off otherwise. 

And you can see that sweet boy likes to wear his yogurt. 

But I LOVE this spoon and fork set from Green Toys. They are made out of recycled milk jugs and are the perfect size for little, chubby hands. 

Those baby food pouches are convenient. But they are expensive and leave a lot of waste to be tossed out and not reused. I love these SqeezEms pouches. I fill them with yogurt or homemade foods and my sweet boy loves them. 

Do you have a favorite feeding item?

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A word on babyfood

This is a blog about food and this is a blog about babies but this isn't a blog about baby food. If you want a great blog about baby food, I highly recommend Sarah Eleanor over at Spoonfed Baby. She is witty and smart and full of knowledge.

So I reccomend you go there to get your info on baby food making. But I do want to talk a little bit about the advantages of making your own baby food.

The other day I got a coupon from Publix in the mail. It was for $1.50 of Beechnut Baby Food. The baby food was also on sale BOBO. So I was able to get eight jars for $.64 total. That's fantastic! But it is also largely unheard of. I put the jars in the cabinet for use when we go on vacation.

Had it not been on sale, those eight jars would cost me $4 or more. While $.50 a serving seems like no big deal you have to consider this- I can make baby food for $.10 or less per serving.

Note: I pulled this out of the freezer to photograph. And yes, I am reusing baby food jars in the freezer.

Last week I got a bag of organic carrots on sale for $.99. I was able to make 11 containers of homemade baby food for that. That is $.09 a container.

It was simple. I chopped the carrots, put them in the rice cooker/steamer of all things. Let them steam for an hour. Then I poured the carrots and some of the water from steaming them into a blender and let them blend away.

It required little effort on my part and required no special equiptment. It saves money and I know exactly what is in my baby food.