Bedtime Book Favorites

For as long as my son has been on this planet we have been reading to him. My mother read to him in our hospital room the morning after he was born and we've been reading to him day and night since. 

It's important. I believe that a child learning to read is one of the single most important things that can happen to them. Think, what is more life changing than reading? 

So I thought I'd share some of our reading favorites. 

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Good Night Moon.  This one is a classic and we have been reading it to sweet baby boy since the day we brought him home. Good night room, good night moon... 

The Going to Bed Book.  We heart Susan Boykin at this house. But The Going To Bed Book is our favorite. My sister gave it to me as a shower present and it might be time to buy a new copy. 

The Begginers Bible.  Each night we read the baby a bible story and a book or two. This one was really good for basic stories. However, my husband did find himself trying to explain some of the inaccuracies to our toddler. 

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.  This is officially the first book that our boy has gotten attached to. I read it six or seven times a day. I am not even kidding a couple weeks ago I hid it just to give us a break from that mouse and his cookie. I think I recite it in my sleep. 

Guess How Much I love You.  Jason bought this one for our boy right after he was born. It's so sweet and I love listening to him read it to the baby. 

There is a Monster at The End of This Book.  We love Grover. Elmo is seriously over-rated. This is another book Jason bought the boy and I remember this one from my childhoo. I think the boy loves it as much as I do. 

The Little Blue Truck. This is one of our favorites. We loved this one so much we have made it the new baby's nursery theme. I love the friendly little blue truck and all his farm animal friends. 

Do you have a bedtime book favorite? 

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Blog at Home Mom

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of previewing a new book by Christin Slade at Joyful Mothering. 

Blog at Home Mom is full of wonderful advice and encouragement for mothers who are either running blogs, looking to run blogs or who are writers at heart. 

Christin runs one of the most encouraging blogs out there. It is full of uplifting, spiritual advice that has motivated and inspired many to keep Christ at the center of their days and nights as mothers. 

Her weekly household maintenance schedule is particularly helpful. 

Her book is no less helpful. I was especially struck by the section where Christin talks about being intentional with your time. 

Click here to visit Christin Slade.

Christin describes the book like this:

Blog at Home Mom (#BAHM) is a source of practical and encouraging tips to help moms balance their life at home with their blogging ministry or business online. You will find ideas for organizing and prioritizing your blog and writing, as well as setting goals and keeping balance with your home and children.

Blog at Home Mom can be purchased at Amazon or Click here to visit Christin Slade.


Chapter 1: Set Goals and Have a Plan
Know what to do and how to get there

Chapter 2: Organize Your Days
Know what to do and when to do it

Chapter 3: Prioritize Your Tasks
Put your most important duties and details in order

Chapter 4: The Power of a Schedule
Make the most of your time by giving it purpose

Chapter 5: Stay Consistent to Keep Balance
Knowing the needs is key to knowing balance

Chapter 6: Make the Most of Your Time
Learn to make the minutes count

Chapter 7: Care for Your Marriage
Be intentional about keeping your man in the loop

Chapter 8: Care for Your Spiritual Walk
Everything flows from this vital point


This post contains affiliate links.