Baby Beach Gear and Ideas

It's officially beach season down here in South Alabama. Well, it's been beach season for a couple months. But before you get jealous remember we have EPIC humidity. 

I have a little water baby. He has loved the few times we've gone to the beach. He LOVES playing in the sand and I am happy to report that even as a little, little fella he never ate it. 

He even loves the pool. 

But I've learned over the past year there are a few things a baby needs when going to the beach or the pool. 

1. Swim Diapers. When going to the beach we just use a shell from our cloth diapers. But our YMCA requires a swim diaper and when I say require I mean they will fine you! So we use Little Swimmers. (This is an affiliate link, please read my disclosure policy.)

Here is my trick. I put a cloth liner under his Little Swimmer. Then I just ring out the swim diaper and reuse it. I just hate waste! 

2. SPF. I am a stickler for SPF. I put on a 30 SPF everyday and when we are taking our little buy to the beach or just outside to play I slather him down.

I like this stick by Neutrogena


3. A hat. Seriously, how cute is that boy in that hat. He loves it. He wears it all the time and I am so happy about that. I actually got it a Gymboree for only $1.48! How breat is that? 


4. Beach Toys! My Mother-in-Law found these cute shovels and things at Hobby Lobby. Our boy loves them so much. We play with them in the yard, the garden and the beach. He is serisoulsy attached. I have seen some really cute shovel and bucket sets at The Dollar Tree as well. 

5. Baby Powder. Baby Powder? Yes. You sprinkle a little on the baby's feet and the sand falls right off. 

6. Bath Sheet. Nope. Not a towel. If you're going to visit the beach often invest in some bath sheets. Utopia has some cute bath sheets for around $15. 

7. A picnic. Don't hit up the local McDonalds. Pack your own snacks. You can pack water with little drink packets, fruit and sandwiches in a cooler and save a lot of money. But don't forget to bring a trash bag. We don't want to litter on the beach. 

What's your favorite thing to bring to the beach? 

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