Creating Special Memories on a Budget

Special Memories on a budget.jpg

We are headed into the Easter weekend, which for me is an incredible time of worship and reflection upon the what my Savior has done for me. 

It is also a time of family, food and fun. We all want to create memories with our families during special times like this. I want to encourage you that memory making doesn't have to be expensive, in fact it doesn't have to cost anything!

Our family has committed to living a frugal and debt free life, and while I LOVE spending time with my kids and husband, I am not going to pressure myself into thinking spending time is spending money.

In fact, at my house, one of our favorite weekend activities is sitting on our front porch and waving at the cars as they drive by. My 2-year-old and I count the number of people who wave back, or better yet, toot their horn. 

It's really dorky, but it's sweet, simple, fun and free. 

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So this Easter weekend we are keeping it simple while we enjoy family and going to church. 

We're going to play outside. Since it's Easter have an Easter egg hunt. I picked up some eggs at the Dollar Tree. I don't even fill them, I just hide them in the yard and Ry has the best time finding them. Then he "hides" them and I find them. 

Everyone crawling on mama.JPG

We're going to laugh together. These little years can be tough, but they are so filled with joy. 

We are going to remember the season. My children are still so little that their comprehension of Easter is limited, but that doesn't stop us from talking about it. 

I found this great printable of ideas from Happy Home Fairy and we've had fun coloring, singing and playing games. 

Here are some free Easter basket ideas for young and older children!

How are you spending your Easter weekend?