Save time and money on toddlers and babies

Baby quick reference guide for saving money on babies and toddlers.png

I've only been a mom for 26 months. So I am not an expert. But I have written about what I have learned over the past two years. And I thought I would compile some of those ideas (links) in one post for you to reference. 

1. Saving Cash on Clothes. 

Saving cash on babies ( or click HERE to download the free ebook)

2. Gear up on the Cheap

The Lowdown on Cloth Diapers

Hack your Diaper Genie

Why you should make your own baby food

Super Gentle Reusable Baby Wipes

3. Keep 'em Entertained 

Keep an Infant Entertained

Indoor Activities to Keep a Toddler Happy and Busy

Homemade Finger Paint

Entertain a Toddler on A Rainy Day

Toddler Play the Old Fashioned Way

4. Encourage Mom

Managing a Toddler and a Newborn

New Mom Care Package

Five Tips for New Moms

5. Focusing on What Matters 

He's Still a Baby

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