Toddler Play! The Old Fashion Way

Toddler Play.jpg

I have a confession in the three (plus) months since my second son was born, Ry (as I'm calling him here) has spent a lot of time watching PBS Kids. Thank goodness for PBS kids. But he is still watching too much TV. This was in an effort to confine him to one spot while I nursed the baby. 

And no, Issie (as I am calling him here) isn't really on what I would call a schedule, it has gotten easier to find ways to occupy my sweet Ry while I feed Issie. 

I have wanted to find some ways to occupy Ry that are both fun and educational. And since my house already looks like it was hit by an F5 tornado, I don't mind if games are a bit messy. 


Water Play

I filled a pan with water and placed in little cars, old containers, a strainer a spoon. Etc. etc. I put the pan on a towel. But that didn't matter, the floor got wet. Hey! Free floor cleaner. 

Ry enjoyed filling the containers with water and pouring the liquid back and forth. He also tried to "sink" his little cars. 


Bean Sorting

This one was so simple and so fun. I filled an old muffin pan with beans and we "counted" them and listened to the sound the beans made hitting the pan. I also gave him a whisk to stir the beans. 


Object in a Bottle

This is by far the most fun my son has ever had playing with trash. I just took an old plastic bottle and put cotton swabs in it. You could do anything, buttons (if your child is past the phase of putting everything in his/her mouth) clothes pins, a small toy. 

He loved shaking the bottle, opening the bottle and taking the objects out and putting them back in. He played with that bottle for 20 minutes, which in toddler time is like a week. 

What are some ways you entertain your toddler? 

Today I am hopping over to the "Baby Shower" y'all should come.