Super Gentle, Reusable Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes Cover.jpg

Both my babies have really sensitive skin. That's one of the reasons I chose to cloth diaper my older son. And when Little Bit gets to be about two- three months old I will start cloth diapering him too. 

But right now he seems to have a MAJOR sensitivity to baby wipes. Even the hypo allergenic, unscented baby wipes. He just screams and screams when I clean his little hiney. It's sad. 

So I scoured the internet for a gentle baby wipe solution. The problem is, a lot of the baby wipe "recipes" call for baby wash, which can be irritating when a baby already has sensitive skin. 

Then I found one I liked, tweeked it a bit and decided to use something resuable- baby wash cloths. 

So far, so good. Little Bit doesn't complain too much. 

Baby Wipe Ingredients.jpg

What you'll need:

About a dozen baby wash cloths

1-2 cups filtered or distilled water

1 TBSP Castille Soap - I used Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild  (Note: This is an affiliate link. Read my disclosure policy HERE.)

3-4 Drops Lavender

An old baby wipe container or a plastic container with a lid.


I started by cutting my wash cloths in half. 


I mixed my water, soap and lavender in a bowl. 


Next I placed my wash cloths in the plastic container and poured the solution over the wash rags. Then I gave them all a good shake. 

The oil in the castile soap is soothing to baby's bottom and the scent is pleasant. Plus you can throw them in the washing machine and pop them back in the container and mix up a little more solution.