Five things never to say to a pregnant woman and one you always should

There is no denying that I am pregnant. My tummy protrudes from my torso like I am smuggling a Christmas ham. My nose and lips have plumped and we won't even get into the size of my rear end!

I know I am super pregnant. I have entered my third trimester and embraced all of the joys that go with it. 

My babies will be 18 months apart, so there is a small part of me that feels like I have been pregnant for two years. But I do feel incredibly blessed. I am excited to meet my sweet little boy in 11 more weeks. 

However, I do get a little tired of hearing all the things people feel obligated to say to pregnant women. I compiled a list of my favorites. 

1. Get all the sleep you can now because you never will sleep again. I have a (nearly) 16-month-old. I know all about the sleep patterns (or lack of) those first few months. I also know what it's like to chase a baby. So I got it. I'm good. Thanks. 

2. You look like you're due any day now. Nope. I still have 11 weeks. But thanks, I didn't feel fat before you said that.

3. How many babies are you having? How many times can I slap you? (I can get a little snarky.)

4. It's a boy/girl because you're carrying low/high. You can tell things just by looking at me? Quick, tell me, will I ever win the lottery. 

5. You're having two babies in under two years? You know how that happens, right? Yes. I know. Do you know? Would you like me to explain it to you?

And one thing you should always say:

You're going to be a great Mama. God has blessed this child already. 

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