Hack your Diaper Genie


Let's face it, diapers are a way of life when you have babies. And they stink. And you have to dispose of them.

The costs of all these things add up. Even though we use cloth diapers during the day, sweet boy still gets put in a Pampers (or Publix brand diaper) at night. And come morning, you have to get rid of that smelly little thing.

Here comes the diaper pail! Personally, I thought a garbage can could do the same job. But then someone gave us a pail at our shower and then the baby came and I realized that yes Virginia, diapers do smell.

So I am forever grateful for my diaper genie. But the refills can get expensive. The three packs run $15- $18 on Amazon.

I am cheap. So I decided to hack my Genie and create my own refills for pennies!

What you'll need:

Your diaper genie

A pack of garbage bags - A pack of 28 for $1 at The Dollar Tree

Take out the insert of Diaper Genie bags. Wrap the garbage bag around the insert. 

Pull the garbage bag through the hole.

Feed the bag through the Genie!

Toss the rest of the roll of bags in the bottom of the Genie. I also recommend sprinkling a little baking soda in there.

Voila! Pennies!

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