It all started when...

I launched my first course Virtual Assistant Prep School in January of 2017 I thought maybe I would sell a handful of courses. I had zero experience creating and launching a course on my own, but I wanted it to be as successful as possible.

I was blown away by the response. Within one day the course sold out and I ended up having to double the number of students I allowed into VA Prep. The best part was I got to help hundreds of people launch their own businesses.

I was further amazed that the majority of my sales came from social media and my email list (when people tell you to grow your list, grow your list!).

I wanted to share with you my four-week social media launch plan. This plan works! 

Learn how to:

  • Set up a successful launch.
  • Share your message without being overly salesy.
  • Share posts that convert.
  • Build your email list. 

This is the same launch plan I use for my clients, but now I've brought it to you!