Eats for the Cheaps: Egg in the Basket

I started this whole blog to talk about ways to eat on a budget. Some of my recipes are very budget friendly, some of them not so much.

But, I am starting a new series called Eats for the Cheaps (like me!). Each Wednesday I will post a super cheap meal that can be made at home.

What's cheap? $5 or less for the WHOLE family. Yeah, you heard me. $1.25 or less per person per meal.

This week is something my husband loves. It's quick and easy and is the ultimate in comfort food- Egg in the Basket.

When we were first married I decided to impress him with my mad egg making skills. Turns out this was the only thing I could make.

I know, you already know this recipes. But did you know you can make it for $.13 to $.43 a serving depending on where you bought your ingredients or whether or not you add a cheese single?

If I buy everything from Publix it will be more expensive. But if I buy my eggs and bread at the Dollar Tree (yeah, they have eggs there) it's much cheaper.

I know some of you might not like the thought of buying eggs at the Dollar Tree. But guess what? Unless you are buying cage free/free range/hormone free/organic fed eggs- they are the same eggs you will buy at the super market.

What you'll need:

Four slices of bread (any sandwich bread)

Four eggs

Slices of cheese (optional)

Cooking Spray

A small glass

Grease your pan and let it warm up over a low heat.

Take your bread and cut a hole in it using the glass. (It's hilarious to me, because this is the only thing this shot glass gets used for at my house.) Place the glass upside down on the bread, press and twist. The center of the bread will pop right out.

Throw the bread slice and the round center into the pan and let it start to brown.

Crack your egg into the hole. Once it has cooked on one side flip! Or scramble the egg in the hole and then flip.

Let cook on both sides so that the egg isn't runny (unless you just love runny eggs) and make sure the toast is toasted.

You can cover it with a piece of cheese if you so desire.

I served my eggs in the basket with a little fruit salad made of Strawberries, blue berries and yogurt and I still came out under budget!