No Spend August: Are you up for the challenge?

No Spend August is here! I warned you last week that it was coming. We are four days in and so far… wah, wah, waaaahhh… Just kidding.

We did spend some money over the weekend for some things that we did need. Ry needed new back to school shoes and we purchased them on Friday with a coupon during the tax free sale. 

But for the rest of the month we are focused on our savings. We set aside a portion of our income each month to savings, both as habit and to reach our savings goals. But I think that no spend "diets" are a great way to see how we can tighten our budgets. It's also a good lesson in discipline. 

Here are some things I am going to be focusing on:

1. Creating healthy meal plans on a smaller budget.

I am going to try to cut down our grocery budget without relying on foods that are unhealthy. We've all heard people talk about a "rice and beans budget." But I know that I can still feed my family fresh produce and delicious meals and not spend a fortune. A lot of this will be done by relying on things that I have stockpiled. 

2. Finding ways to be generous.

I believe we can bless our neighbors without spending a lot of money, or any money at all. Generosity comes in many ways and this month we will find some of those ways. 

3. Breaking out of mundane.

I have found myself falling into the trap when we get bored we go out and "find something to do." Usually that something ends up costing us something. Ugh! I know I am better than that. So I will be finding new and inventive ways to entertain my children. 

4. Encouraging you!

I hope you will participate in this challenge. I know for many of you every month feels like a challenge to just pay your bills. But for many of you you feel like there are places you could tighten your budget. This challenge is for you. 

If you don't feel like you can commit to the whole month than just look at one area of your life you can commit to. Don't hit the Starbucks drive through. Don't get your nails done. Let your coworker know you won't be joining them for lunch. Start small and go from there. 

So are you up for the challenge? If so grab the button and throw it up on your blog. 


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