How to say no without feeling awkward

How to say NO while SAVING MONEY without feeling awkward .jpg

When you're on your way to a frugal debt free life you will face some obstacles. But the one thing that a lot of people struggle with is saying no to social situations. 

I personally do not struggle with this. It doesn't bother me to tell people why I am not participating in something. 

The words: "we are trying to save money" just don't make me feel embarassed or awkward. But I understand why not everyone feels the same way I do. 

So I wanted to share with you a few ways to avoid those embarassing situations. 

1. Turn NO into INSTEAD. 

If a friend asks you to go to dinner instead suggest your house or a mutual location for a potluck of BBQ. Everyone can bring a meat or a side dish and share the costs. 

If a friend asks you to go to a movie instead suggest you rent a movie from the Redbox you've been dying to see and make a pizza. 

2. Find new ways to celebrate.

Birthday parties and other celebrations can be tough when your own your way to living debt free. 

If your child is invited to a party ask some other families if they want to split the cost of a larger gift. This might be more economical for everyone. Or, simply go to the Goodwill to get a gift. Most kids don't care and a cheap hunk of plastic is still a cheap hunk of plastic whether or not you bought it from Walmart or Target. 

I don't know about you, but it seemed for a while there everyone I knew was having a baby. All at the same time... oh and I was pregnant too, so there was a tight budget. But, I know as a mom if someone offered me a casserole or dinner or to come clean my house after the baby was born, that would have been the best gift ever. And far more economical than most gifts. 

3. Find your strength and just say no. 

This one may seem tough... but just learn to say no. Don't be embarassed and instead choose to be inspiring. 

Just imagine how inspired the person you are saying no to will be in a year (or so) from now when you're debt free. 

A lot of people ask us how we became debt free and the number one thing I say is "it's not about what we did it's about what we didn't do. 

Tell me, have you had to say no in the past or present? Tell me about it in the comments below!