Trouble shooting budgeting failures

why your budget might fail.jpg

So I hear one thing a lot "I have a hard time sticking to a budget" or "I just lack the discipline to stick to a budget." 

I hear you. Been there. Done that. In fact, Jason and I still have trouble sometimes with our budget. 

As you probably already know I declared this "No Spend August." (Okay, I am not the only person to come up with that, I know.)

And to be honest with all of you lovely folks... our first week didn't go so well. 

You see, we found ourselves falling into several budgeting pitfalls. 

1. We didn't plan. 

Ry needed new shoes. Our car is having some trouble and our dog has developed a problem with his feet (common in basset hounds) and will need to go to the vet. 

We got stuck in the failure to plan, plan to fail trap. 

2. We didn't communicate. 

Jason and I both made purchases we thought the other one had budgeted for. Yeah, rookie mistake and we are NOT rookies. 

Clear communication with your spouse is crucial in budgeting. Without it the entire process just doesn't work. 

3. We didn't keep focus. 

We are goal setters when it comes to saving. We have a clear picture of where we want our family to be and we understand that without clear focus on our savings goals, we won't get there. 

Jason and I have gotten frustrated. And when we focus on our frustration and not on the bigger picture we get off track. 

It is so easy to get off the discipline train. It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. But all of these things can be over come. 

Just refocus, reorganize, restructure and move on. Don't dwell on the fact that you got off track and then stay there. 

How do you stay on track when it comes to budgeting?