No Spenduary Wrap up: Kick out Sallie Mae!

No Spenduary has drawn to a close. It really was not a big deal. I did buy some donuts to take to a friend, but I feel that was an extenuating circumstance. A friend in need of carbohydrates is a friend indeed. 

This was an eye-opening experience, even for a thrifty family. We saw where our money was going. It was easy for my husband to spend $20 a week buying breakfast rather than making his own. 

However, when I showed him how much cheaper and healthier making his own breakfast would be he went with it.  (He leaves for work before 6 a.m. I am not getting up that early!)

Or it was easy for us to hit the drive through on the way home from church. But I realized I could just throw something in the slow cooker and be done! 

It was so easy for me to see a great deal on a coupon blog and think "I have to have that now!" rather than budgeting for it and waiting. 

Delayed gratification, my friends. I was late to learn that principle. 

But when I sat down and balanced our checkbook after four weeks of no spending I was thrilled to see all that extra cash in the bank! Then I immediately kicked myself, why don't we live like this every month? 

This month forced us to be intentional with our money. We had to make a list, a plan, and stick to it. 

We learned that genoristy on a budget is possible. 

We had free family fun and made great memories. 

The best part of the month was PAYING OFF MY HUSBAND'S STUDENT LOANS!!!! This was the last little piece of our debt and we had been chipping away at that loan for eight years. Bam! We got it done. We kicked Sallie Mae out of our house. 

I am not saying that not spending money in February made the difference between paying them off and not paying them off, but it certainly didn't hurt. 

I do go shopping Saturday, for shoes for my son, with a coupon. I used cash and didn't go over my set limit. But we have committed to no more Sunday drive through, no more fast food breakfasts and a more conscious mind toward spending. 

Come back next week and I will talk about paying off $36,000 in debt in two years!!