Nutrient rich homemade chicken broth made with "leftovers"

SO Tuesday I shared with you the easiest way ever in the entire world to cook a chicken. (Lyd's notes: You stick it in the crock pot.)

Making a whole chicken is one of my favorite things to do because for around $4 I get about a slew of different meals. Seriously, think about all the things you can do with left over chicken.

One thing I like to do is make my own broth. I think homemade broth tastes a lot better than store bought and it is nutrient rich. It has calcium, potassium, magnesium and has gelatin- which is believed to soothe and heal your digestive track.

So let's get going.

The first thing I did was have Beardface take all the meat off the bone. I don't know why I am grossed out by this process. I mean, I cooked the thing, I touched a raw bird, I stuck my hand in it and pulled out the innards but I can't picked cooked meat off the bone! Therapy anyone?

Beardface removed the skin and put the bones back in the crock pot.

I added some garlic, which is believed to be a natural antibiotic. Why do you think Mama's Chicken Soup cures all???

I added four cups COLD water and about 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar. The cold water and the acidity of the vinegar pulls the flavor out of the bones.

If your chicken came with a neck go ahead and add that to the pot. (Some people add chicken feet. I am not that brave.)

Put the lid on the pot and cook on low overnight.

In the morning pour the broth through a colander and throw away the bones.

Place the broth in a pot and stick in the fridge for a few hours.You will have a layer of fat on top of the broth. Skim off the fat with a spoon and pour into a jars and freeze.