How to poach an egg

Remember in Julie and Julia when Amy Adam's character has to poach an egg? They are all standing in that tiny kitchen, staring down at a boiling pot of water...

Yeah, that was me in my kitchen this morning. I decided this to try my hand at poaching eggs. I was sure this would end up a mess and I would have a come apart. Neither happened. It was grand.

I used to hate eggs and then my tastes changed and now I love them. Not sure what happened. Well, eggs are super cheap. I am sure that is what happened.

At any rate- I present you: How to Poach An Egg in Four Simple Steps!

What you'll need:

an egg


boiling water

a rubber spatula

Step 1. Bring your water to boil, add a little vinegar and create a whirl pool by stirring the water with a rubber spatula. You will need the whirl pool to contain the egg.

NOTE: The vinegar is supposed to help hold the egg together. You don't have to add it if you don't want to.

Step 2. Crack the egg into the water and use a rubber spatula to direct the whites over the yolk.

Step 3. Cook egg for 1 to 4 minutes until your yolk is the desired consitency.

Step 4. Scoop egg out of the water and enjoy!