Freezer canning tomatoes- as messy as it sounds, cleaner than it looks

Summer and tomatoes- they go together like chocolate and peanut butter, Laverne and Shirley, canning and freezing.

Canning and freezing? Stay with me here.

We love diced tomatoes in this house. They are a recipe staple. I am sure that Beardface could lived without so many of them, but since I do the cooking we eat them.


But winter tomatoes are gross. And summer tomatoes are heavenly. So why not can that summer taste?

I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to can some vegetables and broth and she suggested I freeze them instead.

But I have all these jars!!! No problemo- look at the package the jars say "freezer safe." No plastic waste! (Note: You can buy  Ball Regular Mouth Jars at Amazon or at your local dollar store or hardware store.)

Best part, if you have been growing your own tomatoes all summer all you have to do is cover your cost of the jars, which as Pinterest has told us, you can do about a million things with once you have used them for canning. Or you can just buy new lids and use them over and over and over again. And they are BPA free.

Okay, let's quit talking and get to canning.

What you'll need- what I used:

10 LARGE tomatoes - about 7.5 pound. This made five 12 ounce jars.

A knife

cutting board

stock pot



Step 1. Wash your jars. Just run them through the dishwasher to sanitize them.


Step 2. Peel your tomatoes. Go HERE for directions on that. (Lyd's notes- boil tomatoes until skin splits (about 2 minutes) move to an ice water bath. Peel.) Or you can watch the video at the very bottom of this post. I reccomend it only because the guy is British and says TOMATOE. And not TOWMAYTOW like I do, here in Alabama.


Step 3. Dice your tomatoes. If you don't like seeds then scoRemoveop them out before dicing. I don't mind seeds, personally.


Step 4. Boil down. I brought the tomatoes to a boil and then let simmer for about 20 minutes.

Step 5. Can, cool, freeze. I know this is actually three steps. But we are in a hurry. I drained some of the liquid from the tomatoes and then I used a ladle to put them in the jars. You can use a funnel if you so desire. I left an inch or more for expansion.

I put the lids on them, turned them upside down and let them cool. This will seel them just a smidgen. Since you are freezing you don't have to make sure they seel.

Don't forget to label the jars.


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