Creating Christmas Traditions on a Budget

Creating CHristmas traditions on a budget .jpg

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I mean it. I love it. Something about having children has made me just love the season.

It is such a great time for making family memories. But keep in mind those memories don't have to be expensive,  in fact they don't have to cost anything. Remember we don't want to make what is intended to be a season of worship a season of financial stress

So today I am sharing some things our family is doing or has done that were either very inexpensive or cost us nothing at all. 

gingerbread man pancakes.JPG

Make special meals. Jason is our breakfast chef and this type of year he will make special pancakes by cutting them out with gingerbread cookie cutters. 

We also make snowman pizza, cookies and a birthday cake for Jesus. 

We just make sure to include these things in our grocery budget for the month. 

isaac and jason in front of Christmas lights.JPG

Take advantage of free community events and activities. Over this past weekend our family went to TWO different Christmas parades and we were able to go to a lovely event at a local church called a "Walk Through Bethlehem" a community church event that tells the Nativity story using real actors. 

Our kids loved the all of the events and talked about them for hours after each event ended. 

Start an advent tradition. My sister created a fun advent using the Little People Nativity (I will share more on that later). It is perfect for a small preschooler or your younger children. 

But older kids can get involved as well. Pinterest has lots of advents activities and even though we are in mid-December it's not too late to get started. 

What are some budget-friendly traditions you're creating? Leave me a comment!